SEO Crawlers Don’t Use Your Navigation

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Did you know that SEO crawlers won’t crawl your website navigation bar? Read that one more time. Navigation Bars (or Top Nav, Menus, or just Nav for short) are considered to be too customizable for search engines to crawl. So instead of trying to understand a nearly infinite number of customization options, search engines now […]

How to Utilize No-Follow Links for Your Website

How to Utilize No-Follow Links for Your Client

No-follow links seem to be a dime-a-dozen on a client’s website. They don’t pass link authority and most major sites are now starting to use no-follow links for ALL of their outbound links. Ouch! Does that mean that no-follow links are worthless? No! While it’s true that they don’t pass link authority inherently, they do […]

Using Google Maps to Maximize Your Local SEO

How to Use Google Maps to Boost Your Local SEO

There’s a lot of different things that you can do to boost your Local SEO, but in today’s Quick Tip we emphasize the importance of that little map. Many people think this just a helpful visual for visitors, but it also has a lot of SEO potential as well! In fact, Google Maps can be […]

Identifying Your Competition to Gain the Upper-hand

Identifying Your Competition to Gain the Upper-hand

In a perfect world, your agency has a clear understanding of your client’s website and their competition. Your clients are clear about their products, services, marketing tactics, and they can find gaps in their competition that can give them an advantage.   However, there are many times when your client is unclear about their competition or […]

SEO Tools: How to Use Exploding Topics to Boost Your SEO Content

Exploding Topics - using search trends to create engaging content

Content marketing can feel like a constant uphill battle if you don’t do keyword research first. Even then, you are only getting a snapshot of the search volume for any given keyword. That’s why we wanted to show you a neat tool that your agency can use to stay ahead of the trend. Introducing: […]

Make Sure Your Settings Match to Avoid 404 Errors

A small team of women making sure their SEO settings match.

Settings are easy to overlook but can have devastating repercussions for your SEO. There is one setting in particular that has been plaguing modern websites – the Posts per Page settings. Make sure these settings match to avoid some serious on-site SEO errors. If you have a WordPress website, you need to make sure your […]

Improve Link Velocity to Stay Competitive in SEO

Woman checks her website's link velocity on her laptop.

Link Velocity is the rate at which one of your client’s web assets (webpage, video, image, PDF, etc.) gets new links each month. Nowadays most websites that are ranking in the top 3 positions of Google’s SERP (or Search Engine Results Page) need to be getting new backlinks each month in order to stay competitive.  […]

Using Amazon for Fast E-Commerce Keyword Ideas

e-commerce keyword ideas

If your client sells physical products, then you can use Amazon as a fast way to get e-commerce keyword ideas! Take your core keyword and enter it into Amazon’s search bar (example: cake decorating). You should see a list of suggestions appear that are directly related to your core keyword. These suggestions are usually the […]