Wishes & Site Care

Peace of mind. We’ll handle everything.

The website with  unlimited wishes  inside...

site care and updates

We'll keep your website running smoother than a flying carpet.

Focus on running your business, not your website

Is my website down? Why won’t it work on my customer’s phone? Ugh!

You'll never have to worry about these things again.

How do I make wishes?

It’s simple. Just click on the Genie button only you can see on your website!

Your website includes unlimited wishes !

website redesign
your website has unlimited wishes inside!

Full-Service Website Management

You’ve heard of a genie in a bottle? Well, we can put one right inside your website. Whenever you need a change to your website, your wish is our command.

Think of a great website tactic?

Try new marketing ideas without needing tech knowledge, or budget approval. With unlimited wishes, the sky is the limit!

Need to promote a sale or event?

We can add a banner at the top of your website, or maybe a popup about it on certain pages?

Have news or updates to share?

Send us the copy, and we’ll post it on your blog. Unlimited wishes make blogging easy. And we’ll optimize the post for SEO.

Need a form or landing page?

Just send us the messaging – and the info you need to collect – and we’ll build a landing page designed to convert!

Let us handle the care and maintenance of your website, so you can  focus  on growing your business.

Unlimited Wishes

Click the Genie & make a wish!
  • Updating Page Content
  • Creating New Pages
  • Optimizing & Adding Images
  • Creating Ad Spots on Pages
  • Publishing Blogs
  • Creating Forms & more...
Websites need ongoing maintenance

Are you
with your website.

Is logging in to manage the maintenance, troubleshooting and content updates for your website really a good use of your time?

You are an expert in your business, and you should be investing all of your time in working on and improving that business.

And your employees weren’t hired to spend their time trying to update or maintain your website either.

With Genie in a Website, you’ll get a website with a built-in team of designers, developers and online marketers that will manage and improve it each and every month.

Let us be your web department instead.​

Once your website launches, this is when the ongoing site care and maintenance begins.
hey there!

A Website without Site Care...

...is a depreciating asset.

More out-of-date and buggy as time goes on.

But with Site Care...

...is an appreciating asset.

It's maintained and improves each and every month.

We’ll handle everything.

We’ll design, build and maintain your website. Just click on the Genie icon on your own website anytime you need a change.

Site Care

Hosting, Maintenance & Security
  • Fully Managed Hosting
  • Theme, Plugin & Core Updates
  • Emergency Support
  • Daily Offsite Backups
  • Real-time Uptime Monitoring
  • Malware Hardening & Scanning
  • Speed Monitoring & Optimization
  • $2000+ in plugins/tools included...
Websites need ongoing maintenance

Hosting & Security

Never login to your hosting again.

We provide and maintain your website’s hosting. Or keep your own (but ours is awesome, fully-managed and no additional charge!).

Never worry about security or performance.

We make daily backups of your website in case of an emergency. And we regularly scan for malware and threats. 

We’re constantly monitoring for any performance or down-time issues too, so that we can fix them fast.

Know your website is up-to-date.

We regularly review any software and plugin updates available for your website, and update those once they are deemed safe and compatible.

Let us handle the care and maintenance of your website, so you can  focus  on growing your business.