Using Amazon for Fast E-Commerce Keyword Ideas

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Using Amazon for Fast E-Commerce Keyword Ideas

If your client sells physical products, then you can use Amazon as a fast way to get e-commerce keyword ideas!

Take your core keyword and enter it into Amazon’s search bar (example: cake decorating). You should see a list of suggestions appear that are directly related to your core keyword.

These suggestions are usually the core keyword of products that are related to YOUR products! You can use these Amazon suggestions as Core Keywords as product tags, categories, descriptions, images… the sky is the limit!

This is also a great way to find Latent Symantec Index Keywords (or LSI Keywords for short). LSI Keywords are terms that are related to your Core Keyword but doesn’t include the Core Keyword explicitly.

Think of LSI Keywords as terms that would naturally come up in a conversation about the core keyword topic. These are often confused with Secondary Keywords, so please let us explain:

  • Core Keyword = Cake Decorating
  • Keyword Variations = Cake Decorations, Decorating Cakes
  • Secondary Keywords = Cake Decorating Supplies
  • LSI Keywords = Icing Pipets, Mixing Bowls, Sprinkles


We recommend using Secondary Keywords and LSI Keywords in the product descriptions, as e-commerce keywords, in product categories, and tags.

Now that you know how to find them, you can add them to your client’s website for exponential growth over time!

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