SERPs & Search Intent

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SERPs & Search Intent

SERP – Search Engine Results Page(s). This is a common term used in SEO and is interchangeable with rankings, SEO rank, etc.
It’s also important to know the term ‘Search Intent.’ This term refers to the type of content the visitor is looking for: local recommendations, video tutorials, recipes, images, etc.

SERPs will change depending on the Search Intent, so be mindful of which keywords you target and sure the Search Intent aligns with the type of content you are making to compete for those keywords.

To find the Search Intent and SERP for any keyword, simply do a Google search and pay extra attention to what shows up on the first page. If you see images or videos at the top of the page, then you know that the intent is set to image or video. If you see a map, then you know the intent is meant to be local.
This information is important for your SEO efforts because some of the keyword’s Search Intent might surprise you. The last thing you want to do is spend time and resources competing for the wrong keyword!
You can also see which pieces of content are performing the best and ranking in the top 10 of Google with this same search. Clicking or tapping on any of the top 10 results can give you inspiration for your own piece of content.

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