Maximize Your Images Using Alt Text

Maximize Your Client's Images Using Alt Text
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Maximize Your Images Using Alt Text

Every image on your website should have Alt Text. Write the Alt Text as if you were describing the image to a blind person. Use this description to include your Core Keyword, Secondary Keywords, and even Accessory Keyword as long as it sounds conversational.

Why is this important? Because Alt Text is shown to visitors when the image can’t be displayed.

Images won’t load for various reasons and it’s good to have a backup plan, just in case. It is also read to the visitors who are using a seeing-impaired web browser. 

Keep in mind that Google is extremely good at catching “keyword stuffing.” An example of Keyword Stuffing would be something like, “October Festival, oct fest, October fest, festival October, fall festival celebration.” It’s clear that someone is trying to rank for “October Festival” or some variation of it, but that isn’t helpful information to the visitor. Google will always prioritize content that is better for the visitor over content that is better for search engines.

A good example of well written Alt Text might be, “A mother playing with her children at an October Festival celebration.” This Alt Text describes the image, includes the Core Keyword, and would make sense to a visitor if it was read to them by an ADA compliant web browser.

It is worth spending the time to add Alt Text to your images. It usually only takes 1-2 minutes per image and it will boost your SEO rankings for each webpage that it’s applied to!

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