Every Great Website Starts with a Great Plan

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You wouldn’t start construction on an office or store without a blueprint, right? Don’t start building your website until you have a website plan.
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Every Great Website Starts with a Great Plan

You would never consider letting a general contractor start building your house without first finishing your blueprints.

Before you invest in a new website, invest a little time in website planning to ensure the success of your redesign.

So you’re excited! It’s finally time to invest in a new website for your business.

You know how critical a website is these days.

That customers use the internet not only to find a product or service that can solve their problem, but also to decide who they would prefer to work with when they are ready to buy.

And I bet you have some grand ideas about your new website design.

A list of goals that you want it to achieve for your business. Ideas about how it should look and feel. A vision of how it will be organized to best represent the things that are important to you about your mission, products and services, team and humble beginnings.

You are looking forward to finally being proud of your website.

Sorry, I need to stop you right here.

The last thing you want to do is build a website for your business.

That’s right. I bet you’ve never heard someone who makes a living building websites for small businesses say that before. But here’s what I mean…

Tomorrow, you aren’t going to use your website. Your customers are.

With that in mind, we’ll need to be very careful that every word on your website is there because it is useful to your customers.

That every feature is there because it brings your customers closer to achieving their goals.

And how do we do that? Well, that’s why we’ve created the Website Planner!

You wouldn’t start construction on an office or store without a blueprint.

Don’t start building your website without a website plan.

If you are willing to invest in a new website for your business, invest the time to work through this planner first. We’ll help you define your messaging, design a great website, and set it up for success in the real world after it goes live.

It’s important that your website is designed to support the specific buying cycles of website visitors in your industry and location.

Don’t rely on a web designer to make these decisions. Unfortunately, their goal is often to deliver the website their client wants – not to spend time researching and presenting a counter-argument for how your website should be different than what you requested.

It’s up to you to make sure your website is designed for success.

You know your business. And we’ll help you with your website plan, so that when you do hire a web designer to build your new website, you will know that it’s going to be a website that serves your customers and grows your business online.

Okay, glad we agree on the need for a website plan. And that your website should be designed for your customers, not you.

We’ll cover that and more in the website planner. Reach out to us to get your website planner!

About Mateo

Hi. I’m Mateo Baisden. I’ve spent over a decade building websites with my team at Cloud Agency. I’ve seen first-hand what a difference a professionally designed and managed website can make for a small business.

But many small business owners that can’t afford to hire a big agency or web designer for multi-thousand dollar project fees. And even if they do invest in a new website, it isn’t long after launch that the site is outdated, buggy, and once again a liability to the business instead of an asset.

Now with Genie in a Website, we can provide a fully-managed website at an easy-to-budget-in flat monthly fee. We’ll build it, care for it, and make updates and improvements any time you wish. Everything is included. It’s truly full-service.

Finally, you can be proud of your website. A website with unlimited wishes inside…