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10x testimonials website
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Mateo Baisden

10X Customer Testimonials

If you want to increase conversions on your website, adding customer testimonials is one of the most effective improvements you can make. Here are two techniques to 10x the impact of testimonials in a website: 1) Add a real photo of the reviewer. Simply put, a photo makes the website visitor believe the testimonial is real. It humanizes the testimonial, and reminds the website visitor that these are the real words of a real person. And it indicates that the customer really loves this company, if they were willing to allow the company to use their photo and feature the testimonial. The net effect is that a testimonial with a photo is assumed to be an enthusiastic and authentic recommendation from a real-world customer. 2) Display testimonials individually within the website content. A row or group of testimonials, or a page of testimonials is fine, but essentially has the same impact as a single testimonial. The website visitor thinks “Okay, they have testimonials”, and moves on. Website usabilities show that visitors rarely stay in a testimonial section and read through multiple testimonials on a company website. If you instead take those same testimonials and feature them individually within the different page content on the site, each one has the chance to make an impact, and has a much greater chance of being actually read. By adding a real photo and working the individual testimonial into the page content somewhere, you have just 10x’d your customer testimonials.

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