What is “Google My Business” and Why Does My Small Business Need It?

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What is “Google My Business” and Why Does My Small Business Need It?

Google My Business is a profile that you can create that Google will display when your business shows up in search results. Having a properly setup GMB listing also increases your rankings in search, since Google favors those businesses and can use the info in that profile to better match you to prospective customers.

About Mateo

Hi. I’m Mateo Baisden. I’ve spent over a decade building websites with my team at Cloud Agency. I’ve seen first-hand what a difference a professionally designed and managed website can make for a small business.

But many small business owners that can’t afford to hire a big agency or web designer for multi-thousand dollar project fees. And even if they do invest in a new website, it isn’t long after launch that the site is outdated, buggy, and once again a liability to the business instead of an asset.

Now with Genie in a Website, we can provide a fully-managed website at an easy-to-budget-in flat monthly fee. We’ll build it, care for it, and make updates and improvements any time you wish. Everything is included. It’s truly full-service.

Finally, you can be proud of your website. A website with unlimited wishes inside…