The WEBSITE of Your Dreams

All for $295/mo.

NO big upfront cost. NO responsibility to manage after launch.

NO worries about getting out-of-date over time. 

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The No-Touch Website. It's a magical feeling.

Avoid the big upfront cost.

It can be hard to afford the large lump-sum for a new website.

The average cost in 2022 for a professional small business website project is $5-8k. You’ll have to pay at least 50% of that up front, and the rest at launch.

With Genie in a Website, we will build the same quality website for you at an easy-to-afford monthly rate instead.

You can finally afford the website of your dreams.

Don't spend thousands on another website that you'll be left to manage and maintain by yourself.

A website that costs more money every time you need a change. That loses value and gets more buggy as time goes on.

Aren't you tired of investing in a new site every few years?

What if you didn't ever need a big website budget ever again?

Future content updates? Hosting? Maintenance? All included.

And instead of being a depreciating asset, your website improves each and every month?

We’ll handle everything.

We’ll design, build and maintain your website. Just click on the Genie icon on your own website anytime you need a change.

these days, First Impressions Happen online

Imagine being proud of your website.

We’ll design your new custom-made website to appeal to your target market and make a great impression on both desktop and mobile. 

Website meets real-world

We believe in continual improvement based on real-world feedback and results. After launch is when we learn which design choices work, and where we need to make changes.

Over 15 years of expertise

We’ve been designing websites for clients across many industries for many years. We know how to inspire your visitors to do business with you.

Current aesthetic trends

We’ll design a modern and professional website for you. And in two years, we’ll refresh your design to keep you modern and professional.

Cutting-Edge marketing theory

We will use the latest and most effective approaches to usability, conversion science and user experience – to better serve your customer base.

We'll work together.

Our collborative blueprint process is designed to produce the website your business needs to thrive online.
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Have ideas that aren't possible on your current website?

Or maybe you are dreaming of a brand-new website instead?

Don't let your old site's limitations hold you back.

Website Features

All included with no additional costs
  • Testimonials System
  • Click to Call/Find Buttons
  • Popup/Exit Ad System
  • Email Newsletter Signup
  • Landing Pages
  • Blog/News Section
  • Photo/Video Galleries
  • and more...


Your new website will function beautifully across phones and tablet screens.

Based on 20 Years of Web Design Experience

We've designed and built over 1,000 websites - and are constantly striving to design the perfect website system for our clients.

Ready for Advanced Marketing

With a built-in landing page system, form builder, popup ad system and more, you'll never need a 3rd-party app to get more leads.

Designed to Convert More Leads

Our Website Planner identifies your target audiences and ensures that your new website will be optimized for conversion.

Google Optimized

Every page on your website will be optimized to rank well on search engines.

Usability Testing

We've ran extensive usability testing on our page layouts and call-to-actions to ensure your website visitors love their experience.
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money back guarantee

Have any reservations about getting started?

I know that you’ll be thrilled with our services.  However, if you aren’t satisfied during the first month, we’ll refund your investment.

Mateo Baisden

Founder & Elder Genie

Improve your web marketing with 99 QuickTips over 99 days!

In 99 days, you’ll have a well-rounded understanding of how to grow your business online with web marketing.

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You wouldn't build your home without a blueprint.

And every great website starts with a great plan.

Website management - the RIGHT way.
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Genie in a Website

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