Week 3

Info & Incentives

Now it’s time to provide the CONTENT for your info pages, and any INCENTIVES you can offer your website visitors.


Week 3 Collaboration Call

Wednesday, Aug 2   @ 2pm
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Why should your website visitor take the next step?

How can we incentivize new visitors to move forward with you?

For those that aren't ready now, what how can we keep in touch?
New website visitors will likely be comparing you to your competition. Scanning and evaluating websites to try to choose the best solution for their needs.
Let’s explore how we can encourage them to choose you to move forward with. And how we can inspire them to take action now and get started!
Some visitors just aren’t going to be ready today. Still researching options. Or still considering if they really need what you offer. What value can we provide that will allow you to keep in contact and top-of-mind until they are ready?

In this week's call, we'll explore...

website care and updates

Are you ready for WEEK 3's Homework?

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WEEK 3 HOMEWORK: Page Content

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All done?

We're moving right on target then. Nice work!

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