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Website Workshop

Are you ready? Over the next 4 WEEKS, we’re going to plan and build an amazing and effective website together. Let’s get started!

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Every great website starts with a great plan.

This Website Workshop process is designed to help you know – and be able to articulate – what it is you do to help make a difference in your client’s lives.

And help us determine how to share that online through your new website!

In the next 4 weeks, we'll help you:

What will we do each week?

Our proven Website Workshop process will help us to design the website of your customers' dreams.

The secret sauce to your project’s success is our weekly Collaboration Call, where we collaborate with you to create your new website.

Each week after that call, you will have some homework – some questionnaires and brainstorming exercises. Don’t worry, it’s easy and fun. And we’ll explain it all here in each week’s section.

1) Collaboration Call

Here's where the magic happens. We'll get together on a call to create your website plan and approve our ongoing work.

2) Homework

You're the expert on your business, and these questionnaires will help you brainstorm and collect info for what we'll cover in our Collaboration Call.

Hi! Grant here. Nice to meet you.

I’ll be your guide for the next 4 weeks as we work on your new website.


First thing's first! Let's get your payment method on file:

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STEP 3: Let us know how it went!

In the video guide, you will be able to confirm that you either:

That's it!  Mission Accomplished

We're on a roll!

We just have one more housekeeping item to take care of today…

Let's get your weekly Collaboration Call scheduled:

All done?

We're moving right on target then. Nice work!

We’ll check our calendar and get back to you shortly!

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